Helping Hands Gleaning Ministry

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About Our Organization

Helping Hands Gleaning Ministry is a private, 501(c)3, tax exempt, hunger relief organization with an office in southern Dallas County, Texas. Utilizing a volunteer staff, and with a minimal operating budget, this ministry is dedicated to using grassroots food rescue efforts to feed the hungry.

What is Gleaning?

Gleaning is the salvaging of perishable food that would otherwise be dumped or left in the fields after harvest to rot. This food is non-marketable due to over-production, size, shape, or other imperfection, but is still edible and nutritious. Hungry people can be fed with these leftovers. Based on scriptures from the Old Testament, gleaning is a commandment from God as a method to feed the poor, widows, and orphans.

Our main field gleaning event each year is the Yam Jam sweet potato gleaning. Weather conditions here in Texas have made it difficult to predict exact dates when we will glean, but we will glean at any time and any crop when a farmer notifies us that he has a field available. This generally takes place between July and October.

Many other donations are received from local produce wholesale companies, trucking terminals, and excess at food banks.

Mission Statement

Using the helping hands of dedicated volunteers, we gather leftover food from God’s bountiful harvest and donate it to feed hungry people. Our goal is that no edible food will go to waste, but will be used to help end hunger. The purpose of Helping Hands Gleaning Ministry is to bridge the gap between the broker or grower and the person who needs food. Helping Hands Gleaning Ministry distributes the donated food to people in need through food pantries, shelters, housing authorities, senior citizens’ centers, and other agencies that feed the hungry.

Who Benefits?

An Impressive Record of Accomplishment

Despite challenges caused in recent years by weather and other conditions, we have continued to pursue and accomplish our mission of service.

These pounds represent millions and millions of servings of food for hungry people. This is one group where caring makes a real difference!

How Can I Help?

Hunger/Poverty Facts

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Helping Hands Gleaning Ministry
an IRS 501c(3) tax-exempt, charitable organization
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